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A week of kids, song, and fun
Feeling very blessed

This was my Facebook status earlier today. I’m feeling it now more than I was then. A couple hours ago we were driving through Nashville on I-40. It was raining, traffic was tight, and all the cars in front of us came to a sudden halt. My foot slipped off the brake, a split second later I applied the brakes, we had no traction and skidded on the wet pavement into the back of the car in front of us. In the end, we both drove away from the accident. The man in the Camry was fine, and we were all also fine – all but my nerves!

We had two über-polite and helpful police officers who escorted us to the local TA station. A wonderful mechanic named David checked us out and said the bus looks sound, despite the cosmetic damage. The impact wasn’t enough to deploy the airbags.

I was and am still beating myself up over it, and am just so grateful no one was hurt, especially our precious children. Several of our group have told me it would have happened no matter which of us had been driving. I don’t know if that’s true, or if they are just trying to make me feel better. Regardless, I am feeling particularly blessed. Blessed that we are all fine. Blessed that we’re on our way and not stranded in Nashville. Blessed that one of our young adults spent her break just now at the rest stop laying on the grass, finding me a four-leaf clover. Blessed that we have enough drivers this year so I can not drive for a while and just blog, which is helping. Blessed to have such sweet kids around me. Blessed to have a son who came to hug and comfort me.

To all the parents reading: I am so sorry for the scare. Future blogs will be much more fun to read, I promise!

Sharon –
(and Mary wants me to remind you that you can call her cell any time)