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Forced Family Fun Night

Tonight was Game Night, which was re-dubbed Forced Family Fun Night! We started with charades, with two teams, Baker’s Dozen (Baker, Kate, Mary, Ashton, Thomas, Lindsey, Alexia, Katie and Libby) and Praise Allah (Will, Andrew, Jackson, William, Noah, Harrison, Bailey, Tressa, and Marsha). I don’t know if anyone actually won, but it was fun. Then everyone broke out into other games – Go Fish, checkers, Yahzee, and 80’s Trivia. We’re starting to get our things together in our rooms tonight and get things organized. Some time tomorrow we’ll load up the bus with the majority of our stuff, and head out Saturday morning. Can’t believe tomorrow’s the last day!

Baker, Kate, Mary, Ashton, Thomas, Lindsey, Alexia, Eren, Katie, Libby

Will, Andrew, Jackson, William, Noah, Bailey, Tressa, Marsha