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2nd Pres


It’s Friday, the last day

There’s a bittersweetness to this morning. It’s the last day of classes, and it’s gone by so fast. The fatigue is starting to show in the kids. It started to show in the chaperones about a day and a half ago (smile). This morning it was so cool that we all needed our jackets or sweaters. After breakfast it was lightly raining and about 62 degrees. They’re calling for a high of 81 today. Gosh, I’m going to miss this weather when we get back home!

I shadowed the high schoolers this morning. They had an outstanding percussion class. Shelby is also in this class. They sounded tremendous! I sat on the porch of the Way Out Building, soaking in the beautiful greens of the trees and the grass, the raindrops sparkling on the leaves, I could let my vision and my reality blur and imagine myself in lush Juffure in Africa where the novel Roots begins. I hated to have that percussion class end.

The children ran through all of their music in their morning bells class, and Kate, Marsha, Sarah Jane, Mary and I were there to hear them. So proud of our kids!! The high schoolers have talked about their bell instructor all week, and I saw him today for the first time. He had them going through an exercise where they outline a square with their right hand, and simultaneously trace a triangle with their left hand. It’s harder than it looks! I’m told he also has them move them in two dimensions – one hand left to right and the other forward and back. Gracious!

I’m in the sanctuary now, saving three pews for our large group. Noah just passed by, on his way to check in with the music director. He’s playing drums during worship today, and the high schoolers are singing in this service!