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It’s Wednesday and all is well

After a very long night last night, I got the cushy job this morning — doing everyone’s laundry! So after breakfast and porch meeting, I headed back to McGregor Hall and did about twelve loads of laundry, all said. I guess the week is starting to catch up with me, because between each load I went to a couch in the lobby and fell asleep! I set a timer for 45 minutes each time, so I wouldn’t wake up hours later! Sleep, timer, start new loads, doze off again — that was my rhythm for about three hours. The very big down side of it, though, was I didn’t finish in time to go to the worship service. I’m really enjoying this preacher, and the music, and just being in that space every day. Plus the middlers lead the music today, and I missed it! 🙁 I think I’ll have to buy the CD at the end of the week so I can at least go back and listen. I’ll ask someone else to summarize the sermon for the blog and get it up in a bit.

At the lunch porch meeting, the middlers talked about the experience of leading the music, and how it felt. I can’t wait to listen to them on that CD!

We’re supposed to go swimming after our last class today, weather permitting. Watch for pictures! In the meantime, here are a few random shots I snapped today.





path to the dining hall