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2nd Pres


Sunday morning, wet and wonderful

Last night when we finally got to the hotel we all crashed (uh, maybe that’s not the best choice of words *sheepish grin*). By all reports everyone slept well, and ate heartily at the continental breakfast downstairs. Eren was in a ‘me do it’ mood this morning, and left breakfast with food on his shirt — the norm for that age, as I recall. I know this is a foreign concept to y’all in Little Rock lately, but it’s RAINING. A lot! Some of us are not at all disapointed in being unable to swim this morning, just because it’s so refreshing to see rain again!

We have some down time until we go to My Father’s Pizza. We should get to Montreat at 2:00 local time, and get set up in our rooms. Then we’ll do a campus tour, and weather permitting, some rock hopping. After dinner will be worship. I’m looking forward to showing the new kids around the magical place that is Montreat. We were looking at a slide show on my iPad this morning of all the pictures we took last year. They’re pretty excited!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday, at the rest stop after the accident. See how happy and uninjured they are? 😀





It’s strange not being there with our church family this morning. We miss you all! More later.