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2nd Pres


Thursday morning worship

The children sang an anthem in the service today – A Little Child Shall Lead them by Marilyn Biery, and they did a lovely job! Tressa accompanied on violin and it was just gorgeous. I surreptitiously recorded it on my iPad, and I’ll upload it when I get back home to my Mac. They were marvelous. The adult choir sang The Dream Isaiah Saw by Glenn Rudolph, and they were so powerful – there was a wall of sound that just carried us away.

We sang a response, Dona Nobis Pacem, that we sang through once, then did in 3-part canon. It was simple, but elegant and beautiful. During Prayers for Healing, we had a silent period where we were instructed to write our concerns on a ribbon that stretched the length of each pew end to end. Dancers came to collect the ribbons, which were slowly moved up to the stage, where several young dancers held them up during our prayer, and while sang Let Streams of Living Justice. This is what Deborah was referring to in the earlier blog.

The sermon was short but powerful. He talked about Jesus being vulnerable like we are, and as a baby being fully dependent on human love, just like we are. Christ made flesh. The preacher was emotional to the point of tears, and we were all powerfully touched.