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2nd Pres


Tuesday morning classes

What a glorious morning here at Montreat! It’s cool and comfortable, and the sun is shining. I don’t think we’ll see any rain until this afternoon, but we’re all prepared, just in case!

I walked to all the 8:00 classes to get pics of the kids, middlers and high-schoolers. They’ve got some fun classes! The kids start their days in art class, and this morning were making things from clay. We should all get to start our days like that, eh? The high-schoolers started out in percussion, and those drums looked like so much fun! The middlers started out in choir. When I got to their class, they were split into two groups – the girls in the choir room and the boys just outside. Each had a teacher working with them to get their notes and parts down, and when they brought them together it was glorious! I’m already looking forward to the closing concert on Friday!

The choir teacher for the high-schoolers at 9:00 has a great warm up — he had the kids pretend to be Mario. They ran in place, jumped, climbed the ladder, swung the hammer, etc. It was so much I had to join them! At one point he wasn’t getting the sound he wanted from the sopranos, so he had them sing like little kids (pure and sweet), then for contrast had them sing “like mommas” and then he got that full mature sound he was looking for. For the rest of the song, he called them “mommas” instead of “sopranos” to remind them. Funny!

Shelby, Shannon and Elizabeth helped our kids mark their handbell music. Thanks, y’all! I know the kids appreciate that.

— Sharon