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Family Promise Thanks!

Thanks to all who helped with our Family Promise hosting rotation. These folks provided food, spent the night, just hung out, etc. Ask them what Family Promise is all about and see if you might want to get involved next time (last week of September).  In no particular order: Jennifer Chilcoat, Mary and Russ Jackson, Jo Paulus, Amy and John Lloyd, Alicia Byrd, Camille LeBron Powell and the Young Adults, Peggy Marshall, Mark Oudin, Mimi and Mike Gavigan, Audriy and Byron Reeves, Susan Jones and her Community Connection Group, Rob Owens, Herb Rule, Julie and Mike Tharp, Jane and Ken Carter, Matt Christenson, Jeanne Lloyd and the Huldah PW Circle, Anne and Rick Owen, Jay Mitchell, Joshua Plumlee, Coley Hogan, Leah Shell, Mary Virginia Smith, Diane and Bob Skinner, Judy Allbright, Jane Blackall, JoAnne Mosley, Becky and Jack Farrow, Rebecca Kershaw. If you’d like to get involved or find out what it’s all about give me a call (837-5624) or drop me an email (