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2nd Pres


Thanks so much to all of the volunteers for this rotation of Family Promise

We provided housing and meals for 3 families totaling 10 individuals.  Thanks to my volunteers in no particular order, we couldn’t do it without you.  Jo Paulus, Peggy Marshall, Marge Anne Bradshaw, Paula Robertson, Russ and Mary Jackson, Alicia Byrd, Camille and the Young Adults, Jennifer Chilcoat, Matt Christenson, Mike Gavigan, Julia and Michael Tharp, Ken and Jane Carter, Bob Landgen, Becky Farrow, Jeannie Ford, Mimi Gavigan, Marie Holder, Herb Rule, Linda Humphries, Leah Shell, Mary Virginia Smith, Peggy Marshall, Abby Considine, Michael Considine, Kathy Johnson, Nancy Boop, Cotten Cunningham, Greg Adams, Catherine Allsbury and the Hulda Circle, Tracy Sykes, Jane Blackall, Anne Brantly, Amy and John Lloyd, Joanne Mosley, Missie Hancock, Coley Hogan, Jackson Farrow.

 If we missed you this time start checking your calendars.  Our next rotation is December 18 – December 25.