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Stephen Minister and Stephen Leaders Commissioning, February 16

On Sunday, February 16 at all three services we will  commission 7 Stephen Ministers and 2 Stephen Leaders.  Our 7 new Stephen Ministers are Sally Barton, Kay Combs, Tracy Johnson, Anne McCarley, Rae Belle Sartain, Chris and Jana Villemez.  Out 2 new Stephen Leaders who were trained last summer are Laurie Stueart and Cathy Crass.

In times of trouble, we look to caring Christian friends to listen to us while we work through our feelings. A Stephen Minister can be such a friend, either to you or someone you know.

Presently six members of our congregation and one friend from another congregation are completing 60 hours of training to be Stephen Ministers.  They will join our presently serving Stephen Ministers and Leaders in offering one-on-one caring Christian friendship and concerned listening to people when they need it most.  Our Stephen Ministry team is committed to providing confidential Christian care for people experiencing many different needs from job changes to end of life issues.

If you or someone you know is tense, upset, worn out, needing someone to talk with, someone to care _

call on our Stephen Ministry team.  Karen Akin is our staff resource minister.  She can help you determine if your needs can best be served by a Stephen Minister and will be able to match you with someone who will support you through your time of crisis or transition.

Our congregation has greatly benefited from our 22 year commitment to Stephen Ministry both in the giving of care and in the building up of our lay ministry team.  We are grateful for the support given by our congregation in carrying out this ministry of presence with those in need.