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Children’s Choir Kick-off – Sunday, September 7, 3:00 – 4:30

It’s back to choir time! Our children’s music programs are changing just a little to help increase the potential for success of each participating child. All children are welcome and wanted in our music programs at Second Presbyterian Church. Please contact Mary Ibis if you would like to discuss your child’s participation in any or all of the music opportunities offered at our church.

Choir 1: 4’s & K’s (and 1st by choice)

After the overwhelming successes experienced in our Kinder-Orff programs both last summer and this summer, I’m redesigning our choir program for the youngest participants. If your child is 4 or in Kindergarten, they are automatically in our youngest choir. If your child is in 1st grade but you feel they would be better served in Choir 1, they do NOT have to move up to Choir 2 this fall. I’m open to letting them stay in the more relaxed environment a little longer to help ensure a more successful transition to Choir 2 when they are ready.

Choir 1 will sing a “lighter” repertoire. Much of the music will be for fun. Some of the music will be worship appropriate. All of the music will help grow their faith. Most of the music will help them to grow as young musicians. Choir 1 will have a snack time/restroom break, game time, and instrument time. Sometimes the instruments will be Orff, other times drums, sometimes bells.

Choir 2: 1st-3rd grade

This transition choir is great for kids who are ready to sing “real” music (on the page) and want to have a more consistent experience with the hand chimes. The chimes choir will ring on Christmas Eve, but not before. The participants of this choir will often rehearse with Choir 3. Choir 2 will sometimes have snack, and sometimes have a designated time for music games and song story fun. Third Graders (3rd grade only) will have the flexibility of participating in Choir 2, or advance directly into Choir 3.

Choir 3: 3rd-5th grade (3rd by choice)

This choir will work on more challenging music, often music that will be used in worship services throughout the year. The participants of this choir will have a dedicated handbell rehearsal that will focus on music literacy and handbell techniques and utilize FUN and engaging anthems and music games/exercises to reinforce the music learning. They will also work with percussion instruments such as drums and Orff. Choir 3 participants will be good leaders for younger singers when the younger singers join, however, much of the rehearsal time for Choir 3 will be separate from the youngest singers.