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First and Third Monday Morning Bible Study

Anne Lamott writes and speaks about subjects that begin with capital letters: Alcoholism, Motherhood, Jesus. But armed with self-effacing humor – she is laugh-out-loud funny – and ruthless honesty. In all her novels, she writes about loss – loss of loved ones and loss of personal control. She doesn’t try to sugar-coat the sadness, frustration and disappointment, but tells her stories with honesty, compassion and a pureness of voice. As she says, “I have a lot of hope and a lot of faith and I struggle to communicate that.” Anne Lamott does communicate her faith; in her books and in person, she lifts, comforts, and inspires, all the while keeping us laughing.

In Traveling Mercies, Lamott takes us on a journey through her often troubled past to illuminate her devout but quirky walk of faith. With an exuberant mix of passion, insight, and humor, Lamott tells how, against all odds, she came to believe in God and then, even more miraculously, in herself. She helps to shine the light of faith on the darkest parts of ordinary life, exposing surprising pockets of meaning and hope.  The book will be available for purchase in the church office in September.

The Bible Study group meets from 9:30 until 11:00 am in Second Hall.  Our meeting dates will be October 6 and 20, November 3 and 17, December 1 and 15.  All are welcome to come.