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Recommendations for Elders and Deacons Class of 2018

Please help the Nominating Committee with your ideas of members of Second Presbyterian to serve as elders and deacons for the Class of 2018. The Nominating Committee is a representative one, made up of men, women and youth, who have been selected to serve on this Nominating Committee from the following Church groups: the Session (two), the Diaconate (two), Presbyterian Women’s Coordinating Team, Church School Council, Youth Council, the Choir, and three members-at-large. This Committee will nominate a slate of officers to be voted upon at a Congregational Meeting on February 15.


Remember that nominees are chosen not as a reward for loyalty to the Church or because they expect to be chosen, or on account of their status in the Church or community or to cultivate their in­terest in the Church. Each will bring different talents and knowl­edge to the position, but it is hoped that each will bring an understand­ing of and commitment to Presbyterian government, a spirit of cooperation, a maturity of judgment, and a willingness to commit the time and effort necessary to fulfill the varied responsibilities of the elders and deacons of the Class of 2018. Above all, each will bring evidences of grace and compassion that are rooted in the Christian ethic in everyday life, and a deep love and commitment to this particular church.


After giving prayerful consideration, please fill out this form and turn this in to any member of the committee, the Church of­fice, or place in the offering plate. All suggestions will be given careful consideration.

Tom Hicks

 Nominating Committee Moderator

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