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“Discovering God’s Word” Milestone – 3rd Grade Bible Presentation and Lock-in

It is a tradition that all third graders in our church family receive a Bible as a gift from their family of faith. The presentation of these Bibles will take place on Sunday, September 20 during the 11:00 a.m. worship service. This tradition has been “folded into” our Family Milestones Ministry. Our third graders, their parents and families, and our faith community will celebrate this faith journey step as these children receive their own Bibles and learn more about how to study and read God’s Word and to explore God’s story so that they may continue to grow in faith and live as God’s children in today’s world. A part of each Milestone Celebration is an educational opportunity for families. There will be a “Get to Know Your Bible” Lock-in on Saturday, September 26. At this lock-in, parents will join the children for pizza and some fun activities in which they begin to explore their Bibles. The children will stay overnight for more Bible games, movie, and snacks, night prayers and more! We will get up on Sunday morning and attend the 9:00 a.m. worship service together. Children can be picked up following the service or following Sunday School. Please keep our third graders and their families in your prayers as together they continue to grow in faith. If you would like more information about our Family Milestones Ministry, please contact Jeannie Ford (, 227-0000).