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Adult Sunday School Class, Jan. 10 – Feb. 7

January Adult Sunday School Class: January 10-February 7 in Room 65/66.  “But the Bible Says…..Exploring Tough Text in the New Testament” “The Bible says…” a lot of grand, sublime, hopeful, nurturing things, but it also says a lot of weird things, passages that startle you with their violence or catch you up short by what they imply. Then there are passages that seem narrow and judgmental rather that loving and welcoming. This class will take a look at some of the “weird” passages in the New Testament, the “tough texts” that often cause believers discomfort, or are dismissed as mis-representing the teachings of Jesus. We’ll explore some ways that might offer alternative understandings or put them in a 21st century context. We’ll also try to give participants some new ways to respond to those whose argument is based almost entirely on, “…but the Bible says!”  Leader:  Jim Hester