Cheeses with Jesus, Nov. 7

Cheeses with Jesus is an adult group for fellowship and Bible Study. In November, we will finish looking at stories in the Book of Genesis. Who are the characters we meet, and how do they respond to God? How does God act in the world? How do these stories inform our own thinking about the nature of God? Do we see this same image of God in the ministry of Jesus?

Schedule Change: In November, we will meet only on the first Wednesday November 7, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Next month, we will meet December 5 & 19
Home of Philip and Leah Shell
5 Berwyn Dr.
Little Rock

Along with fellowship, we like to have some cheese & crackers, maybe a glass of wine. Drop in, receive refreshment for both body and soul (and please bring a Bible). Come join us! For more information, contact Catherine Allsbury, or (501) 227-0000.

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