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Virtual Worship on Sunday

The Reopening the Church Task Force has recommended that we meet virtually for worship during the Omicron surge. The statistics are daunting as you may know if you have followed the news. Hospitals are filling and health care workers are over-extended. So, the bad news is that we made a decision to be virtual only this Sunday. No “in person” worship. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the Task Force expects it to be a very short surge so that this move to virtual worship is temporary. Hopefully, only one or two Sundays. So, agreeing with their recommendation to the Session, we are suspending in person worship for this Sunday. The Session will consider further actions at their Tuesday meeting as we seek to be responsible during this COVID surge.

Sunday School classes will meet via Zoom this Sunday. Zoom links will be available in the Second Connections e-mail sent on Sunday morning.

In addition to virtual worship, we are urging groups to meet virtually instead of in person. Again, we hope for just a couple of weeks.

We are grateful for a Task Force that includes so many wise people who are knowledgeable beyond what you may read in the papers. They are looking out for the health of our church and our community. And they carry the burden of telling us what we may not want to hear. But for our good. It is a way to love our neighbor and one another.