Adult Sunday School

Our Adult Education Ministry provides a variety of topics and teaching/learning styles through classes designed to meet the needs of adults who continue to study and seek to grow a faith relevant to their daily living. We have two types of classes:

Short-term Courses: These are courses, which last four to eight weeks. They are designed to meet the needs of adults who are not part of a permanent class and to address particular needs and topics on a short-term basis.

Permanent/Ongoing Classes: These classes meet together regularly throughout the year and have a permanent class roll. (Please know additions can be made at any time.) Some of these classes use study materials produced by the Presbyterian Church, and some classes choose books or topics, which change periodically throughout the year. All of the classes strive for elements of study, community, and fellowship. All are invited to visit these classes at any time without obligation to join.

All adults are invited to move in and out of the short-term courses and ongoing classes in a flexible way to meet individual needs.

Short-term Classes

Second Presbyterian Church recently joined an initiative of our denomination to embrace the call of Matthew 25—to act boldly and compassionately in serving the hungry, the oppressed, the imprisoned, and the poor.

Churches who join the Matthew 25 initiative renew their commitment in the following areas:

  • Building Congregational Vitality
  • Dismantling Structural Racism
  • Eradicating Systemic Poverty

Join us this fall as we live into our Matthew 25 call through our worship, education, outreach, arts, and fellowship.

Matthew 25:
A Bold Vision and An Invitation

The Adult Education Ministry has planned a series of presentations and classes designed to provide background and theological reflection for the Matthew 25 Vision and to lead us (as a church and as individuals) into radical and fearless discipleship.

Biblical Foundations of Social Justice

September 6-20
Leader: Steve Hancock

A Bold Vision and Invitation

September 27
Leader: Diane Givens Moffat
President and Executive Director, Presbyterian Mission Agency PC (U.S.A.)

Our Call in the Gospel of Matthew

October 4-25
Leaders: Lindy Vogado, Robert Williamson

Faith Alive: “When Did We See You?”

November 1-22
A series of speakers from our community who are actively involved in addressing our call in Matthew 25 to minister to the stranger, the hungry, the sick, and those in prison…

“Light of the World: A New Look at the History of the Birth of Christ”

November 29 – December 20
In this video-based guide to Advent author, professor (Vanderbilt Divinity School), and biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine explores the biblical texts surrounding the story of the birth of Jesus. Join her as she traces the Christmas narrative through the stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary, the journey to Bethlehem, and the visit from the Magi. Her signature formula of presentation includes good measures of insight, wit and steady prodding, all in the interest of helping her readers to understand Jesus in his historical context and within his own religious tradition—Judaism.

Leaders: Jeannie Ford, Beth Sigler, Rabbi Gene Levy

Contact Jeannie Ford for more information.

“Islam: A Brief Survey of Its Early History and Major Teachings”

January 3-31
Leader: Dr. Jim Hester

After the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, Jim Hester decided to read the Qur’an. By 2018 he had read the Qur’an from cover-to-cover four times in as many translations and looked at related texts and studies of its history and teachings. That led to teaching three different courses on Islam and the Qur’an for the educational program sponsored by his retirement community. This course will survey the life of Muhammad and his major accomplishments. Then we’ll turn to the Qur’an and introduce its major teachings and issues concerning its interpretation. Notes are available to anyone interested in plowing through pages and pages of pedantic prose! Please contact Jeannie Ford if you need a printed copy of the information.




These classes meet Sundays at 9:30 a.m. via Zoom. For more information, contact Jeannie Ford.

Permanent/Ongoing Classes

These classes meet Sundays at 9:30 a.m. via Zoom. For more information, contact Jeannie Ford.


Coordinator: Dania Edwards
This class is designed for adults ages 20 to 40ish every Sunday morning to discuss life, family, current events, and everything in the middle.

The Bible Study Class

Leader: Graham Catlett
Coordinator: Chris Boggs

The Bible Study Class meets each Sunday during the calendar year in the church library. During these trying times, the Bible Study Class will be meeting via Zoom. If you are ready to dig into the Word of God and discuss topics that really feed the mind and soul then the Bible Study Class is for you. Lead Teacher is Graham Catlett and substitutes are Phillip and Chris Boggs, and Carol Williams. Please contact Chris Boggs if you would like to join the class.

Spiritual Nourishment

Leader: Nancy Hicks
This spirituality class is continuing a study of The Wisdom Pattern by Richard Rohr. Participants in this class pray together and encourage one another to discern the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. For zoom information contact Nancy Hicks or Janet Carson.

Seeking More Light

Leader: Greg Adams
This class is open and strives to learn from all kinds of people—young and old, prophetic and pastoral, and agreeable and disagreeable. All are welcome at any time. The class is currently reading and discussing Home by Another Way, by Barbara Brown Taylor. For more information contact Greg Adams.