Adult Sunday School

Our Adult Education Ministry provides a variety of topics and teaching/learning styles through classes designed to meet the needs of adults who continue to study and seek to grow a faith relevant to their daily living. We have two types of classes:

Short-term Courses: These are courses, which last four to eight weeks. They are designed to meet the needs of adults who are not part of a permanent class and to address particular needs and topics on a short-term basis.

Permanent/Ongoing Classes: These classes meet together regularly throughout the year and have a permanent class roll. (Please know additions can be made at any time.) Some of these classes use study materials produced by the Presbyterian Church, and some classes choose books or topics, which change periodically throughout the year. All of the classes strive for elements of study, community, and fellowship. All are invited to visit these classes at any time without obligation to join.

All adults are invited to move in and out of the short-term courses and ongoing classes in a flexible way to meet individual needs.

Short-term Courses

Adult Sunday School Series

The Forgotten Books of the Bible: Recovering the Five Scrolls for Today

Sundays, October 7-November 11
9:50-10:50 a.m.
Leader: Bobby Williamson
Second Hall

You’re probably missing some of the most interesting books of the Bible … but not for long! We are excited to offer this opportunity for Bobby Williamson, Professor of Religious Studies at Hendrix College, Presbyterian Pastor and author, to introduce to us his newly released book. This class will examine the Old Testament books of Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther as texts with urgent relevance for contemporary life. Focusing on issues such as sex and sexuality, immigration reform, lament and protest, death anxiety, and ethnic nationalism, and drawing on Williamson’s book of the same title, the class will discuss a different biblical book each week.

Permanent/Ongoing Classes


Coordinator: Terri Cross
Room 61

This class is designed for adults ages 20 to 40ish to discuss life, family, current events, and everything in-between. We discuss, learn, and grow together as we seek to live more faithfully…none of us are “experts” but we all have stories to share as we discuss our lives in the larger narrative of God’s story. Topics will vary throughout the year.

The class will begin this Fall with a discussion/video based course, Animate: Faith. We will explore seven different faith concepts central to Christianity using a combination of video, sketchbooks and thoughts from contemporary church leaders. These resources are designed to engage discussions so we can dive into these topics together, and talk together about what stands out to us. A similar discussion format will continue throughout the year with guest speakers, conversations about current events, and other topics the class chooses. Join us!

Friendship Bible Study Class

Teacher: Graham Catlett

This group of “scholars” gathers each Sunday for Bible study using The Present Word, based on the Uniform Lesson Series. The theme for the Fall is God’s World and God’s People. Lessons will be based on stories from the book of Genesis, a rich narrative, full of memorable characters and events. Participants will explore God’s work in the world through the stories of creation, Noah, Abraham and Sarah, and other familiar characters central to our faith story. All are invited to join this group as they explore God’s good purposes for us in our daily lives.

Seeking More Light Class

Coordinator: Greg Adams
Room 67

The Seeking Mores Light Class strives to be an inclusive community where issues of faith and how to live faithfully in today’s world can be explored, discussed and supported All are welcome to join at any time for a particular book study or to stick around longer.

In September the class will join the short-term course on hunger in Second Hall. Beginning October 7 the class will read and discuss How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian, by John Dominic Crossan. In this book Crossan grapples with scripture’s conflicting visions of Jesus and God—at times depicting a loving God, and at other times a vengeful God—and explains how Christians can discern and decipher which passages to trust and follow.

Parenting of Teens

Coordinating Team:
Jennifer Chilcoat
Kathy & Kenneth Rich

Youth Building, Second Floor

Raising teens in today’s world can be so perplexing. If you are wondering what on earth you’re doing wrong, you’re not alone. All parents of pre-teens and teens are invited to join this discussion-oriented class (which also serves as a support group!) for a book discussion and time for sharing the joys and challenges of raising teens. Fall discussions will be based on the book The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers, by bestselling author Gary Chapman. Dr. Chapman will help you learn to meaningfully express love amid your teen’s many changes, stay connected, maintain influence, and help them grow into a healthy adult. Books will be available in the classroom for $10.00.

Spiritual Nourishment

Leader: Nancy Hicks
Heritage Room

Participants in this class gather each Sunday in the Heritage Room to read scripture, pray together, share experiences and encourage one another to discern the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. We believe the Christian spiritual life is grounded in relationship—God’s way of relating to us, and our way of responding to God. All are invited to join us this fall. The group will continue to read and discuss Falling into Grace by Adyashanti. New participants always welcome!