Bible Village

9:50 a.m. – 10:50 a.m.


Mission Statement

Bible Village enhances the Christian learning environment for children and teachers through an interactive, multi-sensory approach and seeks to make Bible stories and the teachings of Jesus memorable and meaningful to young children.

All first through fifth graders are invited to come to Bible Village on Sunday mornings (9:50-10:50 a.m.) and be part of a Shalom Team, working together to explore and participate in tangible demonstrations of God’s Shalom. This year’s theme is Learning to Love Like God.

In addition experiencing Old and New Testament stories from “Illustrated Compassion” (Illustrated Children’s Ministry Curriculum) our children will participate in hands-on service projects and creative activities as they imagine and work towards the world God imagines for us. Activities will include cooking, movies, yoga, games and more!

Shalom Zone Leadership Team

Marie Holder
Caroline Crow
Jill Barham
Somerset Sea
Suzanne Pate
Christin Hankins
Laura Campbell

The Christmas Story Adapted by the Children of Second Presbyterian

The children of Bible Village spent two weeks preparing this nativity video. On the first week they listened to the nativity story and then wrote their own versions. Miss Jeannie and Miss Mary took excerpts from each version and pasted them together to make the script for the movie that the children made the next Sunday. Voices were recorded separately from the actual video and the two tracks were weaved together with additional music and sound effects. The children celebrated Jesus’ birth with a film showing, popcorn, and many smiles at the birthday party for Jesus during the Sunday School hour.