Children’s Sunday School

Sunday School classes are offered for each age-level, 3 years through fifth grade. At the core of our program are dedicated volunteers and a variety of reformed curriculum resources. Sunday School activities are biblically based and provide opportunities for our children to creatively “wonder” about God’s story and to explore ways to share God’s love as they continue to grow in faith. Each Sunday, elementary classes have music time together as part of the gathering in Bible Village and the preschool classes have music at the end of the hours.

Beginners Sunday School

Twos & Threes, Kindergarten
Division Chairs: Barrett Feltus and Jamie Gomez
Sunday School looks different this fall for our youngest members due to virtual classes. Bible stories will be told from Dwell Curriculum, read, and placed on a private YouTube channel. Teachers will offer short times for kids to check in with one another and their teachers on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. via Zoom. This curriculum is great because it actively engages kids in God’s story using reflective wondering, dramatic storytelling, and a whole lot of fun.

Bible Village

First through Third Graders
Division Chairs: Marie Holder and Somerset Sea

Children will engage scripture through a Dwell curriculum. This track is designed just for this age group with Bible stories that are wonderfully illustrated and offer family support for faith formation at home. Each lesson includes activities, discussion, to provide for fun and meaningful growth opportunities both virtually and in person. This year kids are invited to find their place in God’s story, living into and out of it for the rest of their lives. If you would like to purchase a Dwell family box for family discussion that correlates with each Sunday, contact Grant Wright.

SPY Kids Sunday School

Fourth and Fifth Graders
This year, our SPY Kids will start their Sunday mornings off with a virtual Zoom gathering time of 10:30 a.m. for all ages and then split off into a breakout room with their own Sunday School teachers and the Dwell curriculum, Marvel. Marvel is an amazing opportunity for fourth and fifth graders to dive a little deeper into their own faith and bible knowledge while having a great time with hands-on activities and exciting storytelling.


1. Masks required for all in-person events, both indoors and outdoors.

No eating or serving food indoors.

Food may be served outdoors, with social distancing.

2. Physical distancing (with minimum 3-6 ft while indoors) as much as possible.

3. Hand sanitizer available in all rooms used by Children’s Ministries.

4. Group singing with children (or other unvaccinated people): Our current practice is to use ASL signage instead of singing voices.

5. Leadership: while leading activities, vaccinated persons may remove masks only while speaking and at significant physical distance.