The Enneagram

Deepening our Faith with the Enneagram

Master teacher Suzanne Stabile describes the Enneagram (from the Greek ennea, for “nine”) as a “powerful, ancient tool for understanding motivation, behavior, and experience.” The system identifies nine different personality types.

For more information about the Enneagram classes at Second Presbyterian, please contact Catherine Lowry, or (501) 960-7676.

Upcoming Enneagram Opportunities

Relationships and the Enneagram with Suzanne Stabile
The Enneagram event with Suzanne Stabile scheduled for April 24 & 25 has been changed to October 16 & 17, 2020. The topic is Relationships and you won’t want to miss it! Second Presbyterian is partnering with Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, and the event will be held in their Sanctuary. The cost is $100. Register online.

For Further Reading

The Enneagram Institute has excellent descriptions of how the system works and the nine types.

Why has the Enneagram Become So Popular Among Christians?