Hospital & Home Visitation

Please call the Church Office to inform us of a hospitalization, illness, death or prayer request.

Hospital Visitation Team

The Hospital Visitation Team enlists and trains volunteers to visit hospitalized members. Hospital visitors sign up for a once a month visit to one particular hospital. As an example, Joe or Jane Presbyterian commit to visit members at Baptist hospital on the first Monday of each month. The hospital visitation team members serve as a reminder to hospitalized congregational members of the care of the congregation. Visitation team members call the church’s Care and Concern Line, (501) 227-6117 on the day of their visit to ascertain who is in the hospital. Visits to a patient generally last about 5 to 10 minutes at the most.

If you would like to join the visitation team, please contact Sharon Howard, (501) 227-0000 or

Friends at Home Visitation Team

The Friends at Home visitation team strives to maintain regular contact with Second Presbyterian Church members and friends who are unable to attend worship. Sometimes, due to illness or age, these friends are confined to their homes or to nursing homes or retirement centers, either temporarily or permanently. In order to maintain contact with our Friends at Home, a volunteer church member is paired up with a friend, or a couple, and visits them on a monthly basis, or more often if they are able. This pairing allows bonds to form between church members who might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other, as well as providing for regular contact from the church.

The visitation team also offers to arrange for such things as scheduling communion to be delivered by a pastor and members of the church, or to send copies of sermons. The visitation team member is a reminder to our friends at home that we are still thinking about them even though they are unable to come to church.

Our Second Presbyterian Friends at Home would like to have a regular visitor. To learn more about this ministry or to volunteer, please contact Sharon Howard, (501) 227-0000 or

Training is offered to all who serve on the Friends at Home and Hospital Visitation Teams.

Communion with Friends at Home

On the first Sunday of each month our church family celebrates the Lord’s Supper. Several of our members are unable to attend the church service for either temporary or on-going health reasons. For those friends at home wishing to receive communion this is made possible through this ministry. The pastor is assisted by a previous or active deacon or elder in serving communion in their home, or at the hospital or nursing facility. This is a meaningful experience for all. If this is an area that you feel led to serve, please indicate your interest to the church office or to Sharon Howard, (501) 227-0000 or The usual time commitment is the first Sunday afternoon of the month from 1:30 until 3:00 p.m.

If you know of someone who would like to receive communion, please call the church office, (501) 227-0000.