Today’s Good Word Radio Spots

Today’s Good Word is a series of sixty-second segments by Rev. Steve Hancock in which he tells a story or shares an anecdote that is encouraging or inspirational. The purpose of Today’s Good Word is three-fold:

  • To provide a positive message of encouragement and hope.
  • To invite non-members to Second Presbyterian Church.
  • To strengthen the ties of our current members with our congregation.

Each segment is also available for listening below.

Thomas Merton Prayer

In His Hands

God’s Better Memory

Most Important Part of Worship

Talking Too Much

God’s Pushy People

I Made You

Taking the Bible Seriously

The Life of the Mind

The Priesthood of All Believers

On Our Hearts

Finding Home

Spiritual Dissatisfaction

Our Crowd


The Word Becoming Flesh

23rd Psalm

Special Olympics

Where Faith Begins

The Stubborn Ounces

Grace and Faith

Listening to an Old Story

Bible Study Group

All the Good You Can

Lights From Cannon Shells

Neighbors and Pirates

Becoming a Different Person

Accepting Our Acceptance

Starting to Care

Clay Pot

Choosing One Thing

Young Adulthood

Your Life’s Purpose

Becoming Whole

Can’t Fall Through

The Morning Song

Passion for Life

The Gift of Delight

Get a Life

A Tipped Hat

Seeing Jesus in the Poor

Fear Not

Speaking With Courage and Conviction

The Point of Knowing Scripture


Joseph’s Blessing

Love Actually

Washer Woman

Death and Life

Something Greater

Music In The Air

Before Time For Joy

Gift Without Love On It




Shaved Head




Unnecessary Beauty

Definition of Prayer

Worship and Equality




China Missionary

Accepting Jesus

The Excesses of God