Families with Young Children

The mission for Families with Young Children Ministry is to nurture the faith of the whole family through fellowship, outreach, and study opportunities. Our ministry focuses on families with young children, particularly families with infants through elementary aged kids.

While we are able to grow spiritually through worship and Christian Education classes at Second Presbyterian, this ministry gives families a chance to get to know other families in the same stage of life and walk in faith together, as well as get to know one another on a social level. They say “it takes a village” to raise a child, so let’s work on building that village here together.


Take 5 Parenting Podcast

Second Pres. is dropping a podcast! Be on the lookout and subscribe for all the parenting tidbits. Episodes will drop on the 5th, 15th, and 25th with a meaningful five minutes to discuss family and faith. Just go to whatever app you use to listen to podcasts and subscribe. They are free.

Stay Connected

For up to date info and reminders for current happenings and events with Families with Young Children text spclr to 84576 or e-mail jenevans@secondpreslr.org.

Also, follow us on Facebook & Instagram to keep up with what we’ve got planned! @SPLRFamiliesWithYoungChildren