Sunday School

Youth Sunday School

Middle School (Sixth & Seventh Grade)

Leaders: Taylor Jacks & Jeffery Williams

What does being a superhero and our faith have in common? Come find out! Youth have the opportunity to have a delicious morning snack together while flying through the year searching for how God is calling us into the world.

Confirmation (Eighth Grade)

Leaders: Marie Holder, Carrie & Michael Johnson

All 8th graders are invited to participate in our Confirmation program, an exploration of faith leading to an opportunity to make their public profession of faith before becoming official members of the congregation. Topics for Confirmands include learning about the Bible, worship, theology, mission and what it means to be a disciple and a Presbyterian. This year’s program will begin August 27. A varied schedule of creative experiences and workshops will take place throughout the six month period. Confirmation Sunday will be February 25, 2018.

Senior High (Ninth – Twelfth Grades)

Youth will enjoy dough-nuts and time to visit with church friends, old and new. Youth have the opportunity to grow in their faith by talking about how the world today fits with the gospel message. Or, does it? We will check out current events and world issues to use our voice and our lives to live more faithfully. The class will be led by a rotation of young adult leaders.