Youth Sunday School

Morning SPY (Second Presbyterian Youth)

Sixth-Twelfth Graders
This year’s Morning SPY for both middle and high school will be held on Zoom every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30 a.m. We will start our Zoom calls off all together and share our Pows and Wows. We like to use this time to be able to do a quick check-in with everyone and see how they’re doing. After we share Pows and Wows and announcements for the whole group, we’ll split off into a high school and middle school breakout rooms with our morning SPY teachers. Morning SPY is an opportunity for youth to be comfortable with having deeper conversations about their own faith and biblical knowledge. We were building this deeper holy space when we entered Coronatide and are yearning to reclaim that space with the help of books, videos, hands-on activities and more. The login information will be available in our e-Loop and through Flocknote reminders week-to-week.