Young Adults Home

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Young Adult Ministry at Second Presbyterian Church seeks to help young adults connect to God, each other, the church, and the world.

We loosely define young adults as those in their 20s and 30s. We celebrate this group’s diversity! Young adults may be married, single, divorced, with or without children, just starting out in a career, well established already, or trying something new. In our diversity, we also have unity in Christ. Our church seeks to help recognize and create meaning in young adults’ lives through personal connections. Whether it is Bible study, girls’ night, worship, trivia night, a float trip, a movie, outreach, Sunday School, or something we haven’t thought of yet, our time together is a chance to share the fellowship of this community. Together, in our diversity and unity, we learn, we have fun, we are challenged, and we grow in faith.

For further information, please contact Jen Evans, Associate Pastor for Youth, Young Adult, and Families with Young Children Ministries, (501) 227-0000 or