Youth Opportunities

Second Presbyterian Youth (SPY)

A set-apart time for sixth-twelfth graders that offers with fun, fellowship and discipleship. God’s love is shared with others through acts of service and a heart of discipleship. SPY typically meets at the church, in homes, and other various locations. During this pandemic season, we’ll have a mix of online and in-person gatherings (this is the hope and we appreciate our families being so gracious in our flexibility as we figure out month-to-month what is safest and best for our church family). Contact Sharon Howard at (501) 227-0000 for more information.

Small Groups for Middle and High School Youth

This year we are inviting youth to sign up to join a small group that will meet once a week September 2 – December 16 (with the exclusion of the week of November 25 since that is Thanksgiving break for LRSD). These small groups will meet the suggested CDC guidelines of gatherings of no more than 10. We will have two adults (one staff member, one advisor, or two staff members) and 5-7 youth in a small group. This will be a time for us to continue the holy space we had created in person when we entered Coronatide. We are yearning to reclaim that space with the help of books, videos, safe and healthy hands-on activities and more. For more information, contact Sharon Howard at (501) 227-0000.

Community Time for Middle and High School Youth

Community Time will be a weekly Zoom call on Friday nights 5:00-6:00 p.m. for all middle and high school students. This will be a time for us to check-in with each other, play games, and unwind from the week together. We are working hard to create an online space that feels holy, free, and fun rather than like another school commitment Zoom call. The login information will be available in our e-Loop and through Flocknote reminders week-to-week. For more information, contact Sharon Howard at (501) 227-0000.