Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship LogoEnvironmental Stewardship at Second Presbyterian Church encourages all members to join together in our collective responsibility for God’s creation.

From “Caring for Creation”, Rev. Steve Hancock’s June 2009 sermon:

“So we who believe in God have the deepest of all reasons to do the things we know to do to enjoy the earth and take care of it. Are you doing the things you know are right to do as part of your obedience to God? Are you consuming less? Burning less fuel? Recycling? Caring about better environmental laws? Making humble choices in what you buy and use? Are you trying to simplify your life so that your part in God’s whole creation is less abusive and more fruitful? Are you thankful for the wonders of creation that are yours to see and touch and enjoy? And are you giving more and more of it back to God?” Read more: Caring for Creation

Steve Hancock’s sermon, May 15, 2011:  Partnering in Praise

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