Pastoral Care & Fellowship

Many groups exist within our larger church family which provide an opportunity for people in our church to be connected to one another through fellowship activities and caring support.

Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Care Ministry seeks to provide and promote spiritual, emotional, and tangible physical support to individuals on a one-to-one basis throughout their life in the church. Please call the church office at (501) 227-0000 or email Sharon Howard, to inform us of a hospitalization, illness, death or prayer request.

Fellowship Ministry

The Fellowship Ministry is responsible for providing fellowship opportunities for the congregation, so that the corporate life of the church might be strengthened. The Fellowship Ministry strengthens our congregational community by providing times outside of worship and learning opportunities for members to get to know one another through participation in creative activities. This ministry strives to bring activities to the church that appeal to all ages and interests, and extend the joy and spirit of our church life to friends and others throughout the community. It is our hope that gathering in community for fun and fellowship will help members be more engaged in the corporate life of the church. The Associate Pastor for Congregational Nurture serves as staff resource. The ministry often joins with other church ministries in planning and carrying out large church events.