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Ongoing Adult Sunday School Classes Are Beginning New Topics in January

Several of our ongoing adult Sunday School classes are beginning new topics with the start of a new year.  Adults are invited to join any of these classes for a particular topic of study without a commitment to “join” the class on a permanent basis.  The classes meet 9:50 – 10:50 am each Sunday.


Seeking More Light Class: The new study is Biblical Literacy: The Essential Bible Stories everyone Needs to Know by Timothy Beal. In this study the class will explore the rich connections between the Bible and popular society.  The class meets in Room 67. All are welcome.


Parenting of Teens: On January 15, this class will begin a discussion of the book I’d Listen to My Parents if They’d Just Shut Up: What to Say and Not to Say When Parenting Teens by Anthony E. Wolf. This book is written to help parents understand who teenagers really are under all the attitudes, and which new rules apply to successfully communicating with them in today’s constantly evolving world. This class meets in the Youth Building. All parents of pre-teens and teens are welcome!


Connections Café:  Connections Café will explore some extra-biblical topics in January: The Da Vinci Code, The Apocrypha and looking at how we got the Bible in the first place. Then, in February we’ll return to the curriculum: The Greatest Story: Bible Introduction. This study is an overview of our scriptures. We’ll spend seven weeks exploring the New Testament. The study introduces the key people, places, and events of scripture in an easy-to-understand story. Together we’ll explore where we fit in the greatest story and how the greatest story fits in our lives.