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Family Promise – Thank you volunteers!!

Thank you everyone who helped with this latest rotation of family promise.  Whether you helped setup the rooms (Bible Village kids).  Whether you stocked the fridge (Jo Paulus and Becky Farrow).  Whether you brought a meal (Stephanie Wade and kids, Young Adult Sunday School class, Amy Lloyd and kids, the Gavigan Holder gang, Hulda Circle, the Carter and Henry gang, Clay Murphy, Jennifer Lowery, and Jane Beachboard).  Perhaps you spent the night at church (Audry and Byron Reeves, Peggy Marshall, Rob Owens, Tracy and Lyland Sykes, Jennifer Chilcoat, Matt Christenson, Dianne and Bob Skinner, Missy Hancock, and Herb Rule).  Perhaps you just spent an afternoon with the families (Joe Henry).  Maybe you helped put it all back in the closet (Becky and Jackson Farrow).  From the families I say thank you.  For those who stepped up at the last minute to fill in a few holes in the schedule I say thank you.  If you didn’t get a chance to help out this time we have an opportunity about once a quarter.  Our next rotation is June 24 – July 1.  If your interested ask one of these volunteers what it’s all about.  If you would like to volunteer or have more questions let me know.  (501-837-5624 or