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Ferncliff Summer Camp – Where Faith and Fun Flourish

We know that learning is enhanced by fun.  It’s FUNdamental!  Kids gravitate toward what is fun.  Effective education taps in to this. 

“A playful path is the shortest road to happiness.”  

Kids come to camp for fun and in the course of events they learn new skills, self-confidence, grow friendships and explore what it means to live in harmony with their Creator.  Since the camp experience is full of sights, sounds, experiences and fun, it makes an impression on children that lasts a lifetime. Jesus didn’t choose a classroom setting for sharing the Good News.  Jesus chose the small group, round-the-clock, experiential learning model. Jesus conducted camp with his disciples. Children need meaningful mentors beyond their parents.  Enthusiastic young adult counselors fill this important role. In our backyard we have one of the best Presbyterian summer camps in the nation.  Ferncliff has a national reputation for creative programming, quality staff, creation care, and mission focus.  There is a wide variety of camps to choose from throughout the weeks of June and July. Registration has recently opened. Go to and look for a fun week of camp for your kids – or family camp for the whole family.  It can make a long lasting, positive impact on their lives.  It is a place where faith and fun flourish together.