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New Additions to the Children’s Library at Second Presbyterian Church

Downstairs next to the kitchen, a welcoming space comes into view. We invite you to come, see this area and use it. New books are added periodically for checking out (and bringing back) by our families. This collection has board books, picture books, Bible related stories, and some books for older children as well. New additions are ready for checkout. Theses are:

100 Bible Heroes 100 Bible Songs
1.2.3 Church
Alligator Alphabet
Berenstain Bears: Get Ready for Christmas
Boy on the Yellow Bus
Crippled lamb
David and Goliath
Dog Heaven
Fall Mixed Up
Golden Rule
Horton Hatches an Egg
I Like Myself
It’s a Small World
Jacob’s Gift
Just in Case You Ever Wonder
Let’s Have Seder
Mabel and the Tower of Babel
Noah and the Ark
Octopus Opposites
On the Way to Bethlehem
Piano Recital
Preschooler’s Bible
S Is for Snowman
Samson and Delilah
Story Bible
Story of Jesus
This Is the Feast
Toddler’s Action Bible
What is Thanksgiving