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New Short Term Adult Sunday School Class ”The Ten Commandments”

Steve Hancock, Henry Goodspeed, Jim Hester and Don Wardlaw will lead this class on the Ten Commandments drawing from the published works of Patrick D Miller. Careful attention will be given to each commandment in its original context while exploring modern relevance and noting how these words influenced the New Testament and the history of Christian thought. The course will call to mind history, art, and current events which underscore the complexity of interpretation and enliven the claiming of the text for our community of faith. Many of us remember Pat as our beloved Lyon’s 2007 lecturer. His books “The Ten Commandments” and “The God You Have,” a work reflecting on the first commandment, will not be required reading.

April 22- Steve Hancock Introduction/Overview
April 29- Henry Goodspeed The God You Have
May 6- Henry Goodspeed Hallowing the Name of God
May 13- Henry Goodspeed Keeping the Sabbath
May 20- Henry Goodspeed Respect for Parents
May 27- Henry Goodspeed Protecting Life
June 3- Steve Hancock Marriage, Sex and Neighbor
June 10- Jim Hester Property and Possessions
June 17- Henry Goodspeed Telling the Truth
June 24- Don Wardlaw Desire and Repercussions