Help Us Update Your Information for the New Directory

The office staff is gathering corrected information for our church family directory to be printed this month. (This is not a pictoral directory.) Please provide the office with changes in your contact information including changes in address, phone numbers, and email addresses.  We particularly would like those of you who have adult children who no longer live in your home to send us their new contact information.  Changes can be made by contacting the office by phone, or by filling out and submitting the form below. Changes must be received by Sunday, May 6 to be published in the new directory.

Change of Information Form

Please provide us with the most up to date information for the new church directory. Please fill out a separate form for each person in the family. We are especially interested in adult children that are on the roll of the church whose contact information has changed from that of their parents.
  • Please provide us with your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and your Preferred Name.



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