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Help VBS Children Learn About Outreach and Celebrate Arkansas Rice Depot

At the core of our Vacation Bible School program is a commitment to nurture our children’s understanding of outreach and mission.  In addition to the offering received during our morning celebrations, each day the children are involved in a variety of hands-on mission/outreach projects.  Our projects planned for this year include making cards for Friends at Home, baking bread for Door Step Visits (a Belonging Ministry program), making gifts/tray favors for Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and providing “birthday party bags” for Arkansas Rice Depot. 
Arkansas Rice Depot is celebrating its 30th birthday this year!  Our VBS children will learn more about ARD and the services they have provided for thirty years…..and will assemble “Birthday Party Bags” for distribution to families who receive food from Rice Depot who may be celebrating birthdays.  Each bag will contain a cake mix, a can of icing, birthday candles, birthday napkins, and other small items for having a birthday party. 
If you would like to help us celebrate this special birthday, please bring cake mixes, icing, candles, napkins, or birthday gift bags to Jeannie Ford’s office by June 15.  Thanks for your help!!!