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2nd Pres


Talent in this group!

This morning the children’s choir sang in worship and did a beautiful job. It amazes me that they so effortlessly learn music! Their piece had four complicated stanzas, and they sang it from memory. So it cracks me up, then, that we have so many in the adult choir who are so married to the page! We sing an African piece tonight, Mweya M’tsvene,at the concert that the conductor wrote. It has a total of two lines of lyrics, with only about three or four musical motifs, and after five days of learning it, there are several who are still completely uncomfortable with singing it from memory! We’re also singing Zadok the Priest by Handel, and Let All the World in Every Corner Sing by Vaughan Williams – the big finale of the concert!

The Middle School Choir also sang in the service today, and it was stunning. It brought tears to my eyes. I am looking forward to Harrison being in the middler’s choir next year, where they’ll be doing more complex music.

Last night was the concert for the chamber groups. The first piece by the high schoolers had all the high school choir on stage, with Noah singing prominently on the stage with about five or six other young men. There was a row of young women behind them, and the bulk of the high school choir was on the floor level. They did a gorgeous job. At one point the singers on the stage went up a half-step, a capella, which is incredibly difficult to do well, and they nailed it! So talented!

Debra sang with the high school chamber choir, with their favorite conductor, Jonathan, at the helm. The joy was so apparent on their faces that it was infectious to all the rest of us. Andrew played a drum (bongo?) during one piece, and Tressa played violin on another piece. Second Pres was well represented.

After the concert I went with the high schoolers to the Barn for a dance. I got some of it on video, and I’ll post it to the blog or to the Facebook site soon. The music and their jubilant dancing was food for my soul. I’m so glad I got to go with them last night!

In just over an hour we’ll head to the final concert. All of the choir and bell groups will perform music we learned this week. Since I’m attending the workshops as a participant this year, I haven’t sat in on any of the kids’ classes, so the music will be all new for me! I can’t wait!

They have had a Book of Life out all this week where people could write the names of loved ones who have recently died. My dear friend Barbara Northup passed last evening after a long battle with cancer. After the service today I wrote her name in the Book. It makes me happy that her name has been recorded here at this holy place. I’ll think of her every time I’m here.

We’re packing our bags and loading the vehicles. In the morning we’ll grab our last-minute stuff and start heading back home. It has been a wonderful week. Thanks to all the parents for sharing your children with us.