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PCUSA Church Leaders Offer Call to Prayer for Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

From the PCUSA website:

Together we call the church to pray for those affected by the superstorm, and for those who will be among the first to respond:

God of all time and place,
We thank you for your sustaining grace when our fears are large and our faith is small.
Storms have brought destruction to our sisters and brothers.
We grieve the loss of lives, homes and work.
Please send your Spirit to the broken and bruised places in their lives.
Show us how we can give practical care that rebuilds and renews.
Lead us to the place where hope reigns again.
May the gift of new life in your son Jesus Christ keep us in these days.

To lend your financial support for relief and recovery efforts, you may write a check to Second Presbyterian Church and designate it “Hurricane Relief”. All monies received will be forwarded to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.