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Halloween Carnival – Trunk or Treat!

This year’s Halloween Carnival will be held on Sunday, October 28th and Second Presbyterian Youth (SPY) can’t wait to host this event once again.  This year we are hoping that our ENTIRE CONGREGATION will prayerfully consider “getting in on the act” by being a part of our TRUNK OR TREAT which happens as a part of this event.

WHAT is Trunk or Treat?

Answer:  Trunk or Treat is a part of the Halloween Carnival where the children get to go outside to our parking lot and “Trick or Treat” from car to car, getting candy at each TRUNK, each of which is decorated.

How do I know how to decorate my trunk?

Answer:  We have a WEALTH of information, from printouts to magazines to websites to help you find the perfect theme for your trunk.  This can be as easy as pie or as involved as staging a Broadway musical, depending on how detailed you’d like to get.

What are some interesting themes that have been seen before?

Answer:  I’ve seen themes that range from Scooby Doo to Jaws, from Harry Potter to Disney Princesses, from Pumpkin decorations to Alice in Wonderland, from Disco to the 1950’s, from Dinosaurs to the Jonas Brothers, from Bible Characters to the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Can anyone participate or do you have to be affiliated with SPY?

Answer: We would LOVE for a cross-section of the congregation to participate.  SPY will largely be busy with helping with the carnival part of this event, so we are hoping for members of the congregation to get really excited about this.  Our goal is to have about 50 cars participating this year.

How do I sign up?

Answer:  Please contact Heather Rey, for more information.