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The Joy of Living and Giving Using Charitable Gift Annuities

How Do You Establish A Charitable Gift Annuity?

A gift of cash, appreciated stocks or other assets is exchanged for a charitable gift annuity contract.  This contract establishes payment of a fixed income to you for the rest of your life, and a gift to our church at the end of your life.  The rate of return on the annuity is determined by your age.


60 years of age: 4.4%               80 years of age:  6.8%                             

65 years of age:  4.7%              85 years of age:  7.8%

70 years of age:  5.1%                90+ years of age: 9.0 %

75 years of age:  5.8%                

Would You Like to Learn More?

Charitable Gift Annuities are simple to establish, offer a great deal of flexibility, and there are no expenses to you.  For more information about a charitable gift annuity that is tailored to you, call Malinda Kirchner, Director of Planned Giving, at the church office or 350-4681.