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Souper Bowl of Caring

Souper Bowl of Caring is a NATIONAL MISSION PROJECT where youth across the nation work to fight hunger and poverty in their own communities around the time of the Super Bowl football game.

On Super Bowl Sunday, SPY will take up a collection using a soup pot, asking for financial contributions for food for people in need. All groups that participate give their donations directly to the local hunger-relief charity of their choice.  This year SPY will be supporting the Stewpot and the UAMS Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Food Pantry.

Here at Second, your DOLLARS can DECIDE who WINS the Super Bowl!  Simply place your donation in the soup pot of your team of choice and we’ll let you know which team is the “real winner” here at Second!

In 2011, more than 260,000 youth participated in Souper Bowl of Caring, collecting more than $9.5 million in dollars and food for local hunger-relief charities. That’s a total of more than $81 million collected since the movement began in 1990! This year’s goal is to empower 275,000 young people to collect $11 million for charities in their communities. Help us grow this movement and tackle hunger in America!