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2nd Pres


Christianity’s Family Tree: What Others Believe and Why, Sundays, April 7-May 26, 9:50-10:50 a.m., Room 65/66

Based on print and video resources by Adam Hamilton, this course is designed to help learn more about the beliefs and practices of eight denominations or traditions of the Christian faith.  The aim of the study is to help us gain an appreciation for the richness of the various Christian traditions, to give us a better understanding of church history, and to enrich our own faith experience by exploring the faith and practices of our brothers and sisters in the Christian family.  The traditions included in this eight-week study are Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecosta, Methodist, and Presbyterian. Each week Adam Hamilton will give a brief history, outline major beliefs, and describe some things we can learn from that tradition to strengthen our own Christian faith.  Guests from other denominations and/or members of Second Presbyterian who have been affiliated with other denominations will be present each week to help reflect on the presentation and respond to questions.  Everyone is invited to join us as we explore the branches of our Christian Family Tree.