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Family Milestone for Kindergartners “Worshiping Together”

In May we will celebrate Milestone #4, “Worshipping Together,” designed for Kindergarteners and their parents. Rather than schedule yet another event for already busy calendars during this time of the year, we plan to offer this celebration during the regular Sunday School time for three Sundays in May. A special workshop, “Get Ready, Get Set, Worship,” will take place on May 5, 12, and 19 for kindergartners and their parents (or parent). This is a three part workshop which will take place 9:50-10:50 am in the Great Hall on these three Sundays.
In this special time together the children will learn about our Sanctuary and the parts of our worship services. Each family will create a “worship bag” with activities to help little ones participate in worship in a more meaningful way. Learning will be fun as we explore worship through games, songs, and creative activities.
This class is designed to be helpful for children who remain throughout worship at one of our regular services and to provide preparation for children who, up to this time, have participated in child care after the Time with the Children. As you know, Child Care is provided during all worship services for children through the Kindergarten level. After Kindergarten, children are expected to remain in worship with their church family. It is important that a parent participate with each child so that the learning and growing will take place together and can be reinforced in the home and in worship following participation in the class.