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Enjoying our free day

We’ve all enjoyed our free day today. One of the big benefits of staying at the Linger Longer Lodge is that we have most of Sunday free to explore the campus, to nap, to go grocery shopping (yay), and to rock hop.

This is how I started my morning. Sitting on the upper deck, just me, To Kill A Mockingbird, a Diet Coke, and a gorgeous view!

View from the upper deck

We didn’t think to take a picture of the carts of groceries we bought today. There were three carts. Double-wide carts. All full to the rim, including the trays at the bottom. We now have two refrigerators/freezers full, a pantry packed full, and buns/bread, chips, and boxed food on top of all the upper cabinets. We’ve taken up about all possible space in this kitchen.

Just how many kids can fit on one couch?! This was taken last night during our porch meeting. We still call it a porch meeting out of tradition, even though we met in the living room. The porch meeting is when we talk about the schedules, review the rules (like picking up after yourself), and making kitchen-duty assignments.

Bunch of kids on the couch

Rock hopping is the favorite activity of the kids (next to going to Huckleberry’s for ice cream). We had a couple groups go today – the first of several trips this week. My group started at the dam, and then moved to the main rock-hopping area by the playground.

Harrison was the first at the dam, enjoying the view.

Harrison at the dam

I love this picture of Jamie climbing down the rocks. From the photographer’s vantage-point, it looks crazy steep!

Jamie climbing down the rocks

Spencer, king of the mountain! This is a favorite spot of all the kids.

Spencer on top of the big rock

Okay, so Noah wanted to hold up Donovan as though he was Simba! The circle of life!

Big group of kids on the big rock

Noah being Noah.


Noah teaching us new songs – counselor in training extraordinaire. Look how hard it’s raining! He did a great job of keeping the group occupied while we waited to see if the rain would slack off. It never did, and my son of course gave me an “I told you so!” Hey, I can hope!

Group learning new songs

The kiddos were a little chilly after rock-hopping. We were waiting under an awning, trying to stay out of the downpour! They were still in great spirits.

smiling kids all wet

Okay, we’re just being silly now!

middlers and high schoolers being silly

middlers and high schoolers being silly 2

Pics of Jamie, Donovan, Jamie, Reilly, Spencer, Mac and Emma rockhopping:

Jamie smiling


Donovan rockhopping

Jamie and Riley rockhopping

kids rockhopping

Emma standing in the water

You can’t tell from this picture, but I actually didn’t get in the water! It poured on us most of the time down there, and the whole walk back!


Some of the group went rafting – here are some great pictures!

rafters posing for a picture


And a couple more pictures from yesterday:

Clara and Mac on the bus


James and Jackson cracking us up at McDonalds!

James and Jackson

We just finished having tacos for dinner, and will be heading to the opening worship session shortly. Elizabeth and I can’t wait to see how the sanctuary is decorated! Every year it’s gorgeous, and there’s always so much creativity in the design of the banners and the other decorations. We start classes tomorrow, and so we’ll all be busy like we are every year. It’s a lot of work, but it’s full of fun, fellowship, and learning.

– Sharon