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2nd Pres


Helping the Homeless – Family Promise, July 14 – 21:

Thanks again to these wonderful volunteers for helping with our latest rotation, July 14-21. Gabi Rancifer and friends, Jonathan Durham, Young Adults Group, Diane and Bob Skinner, Eugene and June Jones, Linda Humphries, The Gavigan/Henry/Holder Tuesday crew, Herb Rule and Sue Price, the Wednesday Carter/Henry crew, Matt & Kyle Christenson, Carter Whisenhunt, Jennifer Chilcoat, Rick Owen, Mary Virginia Smith, Joanne Mosley, Amy Lloyd, Nancy Coleman, Jane Blackall, Betty Ray, Jane Beachboard, Cathleen Compton, Missie and William Hancock, Becky and Jackson Farrow, Jo Paulus, Amy Palmer, and Lindy Vogado. Keep your calendars open the week of October 6 – 13 for our next rotation.