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More pictures from Tuesday

My 9:00 hour is sublime. I go to Huckleberry’s and get a toasted blueberry bagle with philly cream cheese, and sit on the patio overlooking the Lake Susan dam. The water sounds are ever-present and provide a lovely backdrop for my blogging hour. A group of nine kids next to me just left, so the volume has gone down appreciably. They were squeezed around a three-seater round table like mine. Apparently there was some drama about one of the girls inside Huckleberry who slighted a couple of them, so they relocated out here and the friends who sided with them followed suit. After they had groused about Anna Beth being stuck up and the other one being a snob, when they realized the time, they said, “well, let’s go get Anna Beth and them and head to class!” Drama over I guess.

It was another gorgeous day at Montreat. We are enjoying the milder temperatures, although when we’re walking back up the mountain after worship at 12:00 noon, all the way from Anderson, we are all red-faced and sweating. If this were Arkansas temperatures, we’d have to be shuttled one car-load at a time up the mountain. It would be just too much to ask! The walking is good for us, although my knees are so worn out from all the stairs that I was afraid to squat down to find the strawberries in the fridge this morning. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to get back up again!

Here are a few more pictures from yesterday – this one is the Senior High kids walking to class on Tuesday.

senior high kids walking to class

Noah, Emma, Ozan and William – what a great group of kids!

senior high kids

senior high kids

Middlers with one of their teachers.

middlers with a teacher

Jack, Jackson, James and Harrison in dance class, obviously having fun.

middlers in dance class

Will enjoying himself in class.


– Sharon, the bagel blogger