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Family Promise Update and Thank-you

We are grateful to all our wonderful volunteers who make Family Promise at Second Presbyterian a great success.  In particular, we are grateful to Sam Byrd who has been helping spearhead our efforts for the last three years.  Our recent week of hosting in October was Sam’s last time for coordinating our volunteers.  We are delighted that Clark and Michelle Neumany have agreed to assume this important volunteer role in the future.  Clark and Michelle joined our church last spring, and they have already become very active in the ministries of our church.  The Neumanys and Amy Palmer will be helping all of us give our guests a warm welcome each time they come to stay at our church.  Our next week of hosting will be Dec. 29, 2013-January 5, 2014.  Please make plans to volunteer with this important ministry of our church!

Special Thanks to our Family Promise Volunteers this fall: Our Children in Bible Village, Jo Paulus, Gabrielle Rancifer and friends, the Young Adults, Eileen Ellis, Joanne Mosley, the Holder & Gavigan crew, Jane & Ken Carter, Marge Anna Luttrell, Priscilla McChristian & Jeff Boardman, Michelle & Clark Neumany, Anne Brantley & Jane Blackall, Jane Beachboard, Matt & Kyle Christenson, Jonathan Durham, Rob Owens, Herb Rule, Peggy Marshall, Cotton Cunningham, Dianne & Bob Skinner, Amy Lloyd, Missy & William Hancock, Cathleen Compton, Sam and Emily Byrd.