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Connections Cafe

Our study for the new year is from the same series we used in the Fall,  Animate: BIBLE – Seven Leading Christian Voices. Seven Big Conversations about the Bible.

In each Animate: Bible session, we will watch a video featuring a leading voice from the Christian faith, spend time on personal reflection, and share ideas with the group. Each session delves into a Bible-related topic: canon, history, testaments, Gospels, genre, interpretation, and grace. Come join us in January and February as we consider questions of scripture including:

  • How did these 66 cultural history lessons, collections of poems, family genograms, allegorical stories, and community letters—all gathered from sources that stretch across time and place—become the Bible?
  • Does the way we access the Bible change the way we read and interpret the Bible?
  • So how do we make sense of the images of an angry God with the God of love?
  • Why do the four Gospels tell different stories?
  • How can understanding the various genres of biblical literature help us understand the Bible?
  • Is it supposed to be easy to understand the Bible or not?
  • How do you love a book that’s caused so many people pain?