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Children’s Choir Mother’s Day Musical

May 11, Mother’s Day, 8:30 and 11:00 services
Our Children’s Choir will present the musical, Elijah!

The people of Israel had been blessed through the ages and had witnessed the goodness of God. But keeping God’s commandments was not always easy. Some chose to worship false god’s, like Baal. And some leaders, like King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, even convinced the people to build temples for the worshippers of Baal. Some people were not sure who the real God was anymore, and some were afraid to speak up for what they believed.

Elijah! is the story of one of God’s prophets who spoke the truth and helped shatter lies. God worked miracles through Elijah and showed witnesses that God alone is worthy of praise. Elijah’s story of bravery, patience, faithfulness and courage still speaks to us today.

This year there are over 50 children participating in the musical! We hope you will join us in our journey of learning, singing, and fun as we grow in faith and share God’s words of love, justice, and faithfulness.