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Church Lighting: An Interim Report

A Message from Bruce Blackall, Moderator, Property Ministry

For the past eighteen months the Property Ministry has been analyzing the numerous and sometimes very technical issues surrounding the subject of the providing of appropriate lighting facilities to the various areas within our church.  The number of areas that currently are  not sufficiently lighted are indicative of the fact that some sort of remedial action is necessary.   Currently there are several areas of investigation that the Property Ministry has chosen to follow in determining a doable strategy to resolve this problem.

The initial challenge has been to evaluate the current lighting system and attempt to identify both those facilities that have a continuing lighting capability through scheduled preventive maintenance and, conversely, those areas that are not currently doing a proper job, or no job at all, and will in all probability need to be replaced.  In this regard, it should be noted that in the twenty-five plus years the current equipment has been in service many changes have occurred in lighting technology, including, but not limited to certain government mandates concerning performance standards for lighting equipment.   In addition, some of the equipment that is currently installed  is of an age that replacement equipment is no longer even being manufactured and would have to be categorized as being “unavailable”.

In undertaking this evaluation it  became obvious that outside expertise needed to be secured in order to make recommendations concerning the equipment we now have, what needs to be replaced; and what energy usage benefits that implementation of these recommendations would mean in terms of projected energy expense that could be saved.  In implementing this action we have entered into an agreement with CLEAResult Consulting and Entergy Arkansas to provide us with a comprehensive energy efficiency audit, which will cover our facilities, both inside and out.  This audit process is currently underway.  As soon as the audit is completed, the Property Ministry and the staff will evaluate the audit findings and draft recommendations as to the specific changes that should be undertaken.  It is at that time that the activity will move to the specifications stage, which would be applicable to specific equipment needed.

As mentioned earlier in this interim report, the compilation of the materials necessary to insure a complete and satisfactory solution to the lighting issue presents a daunting challenge.  Progress in meeting this challenge may appear to be  slow in coming and in this regard the Property ministry would ask your patience and understanding.  Thanks to everyone for their concern.